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    APA Dissertation Format - The In-Depth Instruction for Students

    If your task is to create an APA style Ph.D. dissertation, then you must be careful and do it correctly. The fundamental purpose of the assignment is to earn a certain degree. Thus, you can’t make mistakes. In this review, we’ll discuss such issues as APA dissertation format because except for the content of your thesis, too much depends on formatting.

    You should double check your paper before submitting. You need to be sure that your paper is formatted correctly. So, how do you cite a dissertation in APA format? The key message of this review is to find the answer to this question and finally understand what rules to abide by.

    APA style dissertation: Short guidelines

    In sober fact, APA format for dissertation is rather popular today. If you are an academician who studies psychology, in all likelihood, your tutor will ask you to apply this style for formatting your thesis.

    If undergraduates render a decision to use the APA dissertation format, they must adhere to the rules of the latest edition. Analyzing the quality of printing, we should mention that your writing should be published by a good printer. All letters must be consistently black, and all margins must be consistent too. If you use the additional material as charts, images or diagrams, they should also be of high-quality.

    In very deed, if you are aware of current rules of the dissertation format APA style, it will be easier to understand what tips to apply. This guideline asks you to apply any font type between 10 and 12 points. Nevertheless, 10 size is too small.

    For that reason, it is better to prefer the 12 point size. If you doubt, don’t be ashamed of asking your teacher to clarify this aspect. Commonly, a smaller size is used in tables, images or diagrams, but you just can’t mix sizes in the text of your dissertation.

    What about the use of margins?

    An APA style dissertation also has specific requirements for margins. You can find the list of all rules you should follow below:

    Following these recommendations, you’ll create a properly formatted thesis.

    General Line Spacing Rules

    In very deed, there are specific directives as for the line spacing. The whole paper should be double-spaced. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to this rule. Single-spaced things are :

    Those academicians who apply the rules of citing a dissertation APA style, shouldn’t forget that the whole dissertation should be written with the usage of double-spacing (except for the above-mentioned aspects).

    How to create a brief but informative table of contents?

    If your task is to create a dissertation, it means that your paper should be structured appropriately. To do this, you need to use subheadings. One of the pages of your dissertation should be devoted to the table of contents. Its key purpose is to inform the targeted audience about all aspects which you covered in your dissertation.

    Thus, your table of contents should comprise all heading and subheadings. It should be precise and informative. Having looked through it, your reader will immediately understand what particular aspects were covered and what illustrative material you used.

    Rules of citations in texts

    If you use the ideas of other scholars, or you wish to base your investigations on the thoughts of others, you should always cite these resources. Even if you don’t use direct citations (you paraphrase them), you should also add (in brackets) the name of the author (student) and the year of publication. If it is a direct citation, don’t forget to add the number of the page where you found this citation.

    As a result, you’ll avoid the accusation of plagiarism. You should be very attentive while formatting the citations because your future grade is contingent on the way how you do this.

    Dissertation formatting service: Benefits from usage

    INowadays, it is possible to meet this challenge differently. Some academicians are pressed for time because they are employed. Nevertheless, all assignments should be submitted on time, and it is impossible to procrastinate.

    If you are one of those individuals who can’t find spare time to do this task correctly or you simply hate writing, you can use the dissertation formatting service. In this case, your dissertation will be in the hands of real experts, people who specialize in this area and know all guidelines of formatting. Even if you write your dissertation by yourself but you can’t find time to format it correctly, you can ask experts from academic writing assistance to help you.

    The APA dissertation formatting service will help you meet these goals!